A healing art that's been developed and refined over thousands of years, acupuncture is based on a complex and fascinating view of the body that includes physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Hair-thin needles placed strategically along the surface of the body facilitate movement of your vital energy - your Qi - toward alignment with your best health and highest self. The meridians where the needles are placed provide a uniquely individual map to guide both patient and practitioner when symptoms arise that indicate something out of balance in our bodies or our lives.

Through the lens of acupuncture, any symptom of illness, pain, or imbalance can be approached. A few examples of this include, and are not limited to, many types of pain; menstrual, fertility and menopausal signs or symptoms; digestive issues; depression and anxiety; insomnia; immune disorders; and stress or trauma-related imbalances. 

In my practice I hold a nonjudgemental space in order to deeply listen to any symptoms you are experiencing. This understanding is deepened through the accurate and non-invasive diagnostic techniques of feeling the pulse, looking at the tongue and observing the meridians. During your treatment, the powerfully resonant needles create subtle yet palpable transformations in your symptoms, your body, mind, and overall sense of health and well-being, that we can track through time. Each session takes you deep within your body, in order to bring change and healing outward into your life.