Acupuncture is a healing practice that evolved out of Chinese perspectives on the natural world, and humans' place within it. Its view of the body in health and disease parallels conventional medicine as practiced today in multitudinous ways, but differs in that it emphasizes all of the body's organs, functions, processes and systems as in relationship to one another.

It can be very helpful for modern health issues with complex and sometimes mysterious or undiagnosable causes like insomnia, IBS, headaches, symptoms related to hormonal balance in menses, fertility, and menopause, skin conditions, immune-related disorders, stress-related chronic pain, anxiety and depression. Nearly any health-related issue can be addressed through the lens of acupuncture.

During each session, you and I spend time checking in with any symptoms you are experiencing. I use the traditional diagnostic methods of checking the pulses and observing the tongue to guide me in treatment planning and understanding your healing progress. For your treatment, tiny acupuncture needles are tapped strategically into the body to facilitate healing shifts and changes throughout your body, and create movement toward alignment with your best health.