It is a deeply personal journey that led me to developing an acupuncture practice in Woodstock. I learned about acupuncture after a decade plus of engagement with many forms of healing, including psychotherapy, yoga, music, art, herbalism and astrology. I am committed to and indebted to acupuncture's deeply intuitive and practical understanding of the relationships among mind body and spirit, and the importance placed on self-empowerment and personal responsibility regarding our own health and well-being. 

My training officially began at the Tri-State College of Acupuncture (NY, NY, 2012) and has continuously deepened and evolved over the past decade. I received a post-graduate certificate in Advanced Acupuncture (Chinatown Wellness Center, NY, NY 2014), a year-long course with Jeffrey Yuen, devoted to exploring the different channel systems of acupuncture.  I am currently in an Alchemical Healing mentorship with acupuncturist Lorie Dechar.

My work focuses on a deep listening to the body, and the facilitation of profound healing and transformation in whatever area of life is called for. The lens of acupuncture and the treatments themselves provide the foundation for you to create deep and lasting healing in your life.